Frequently Asked Questions

Question about renting

Long-term rentals on our website typically refer to leases with a duration of twelve in Puerto Vallarta.

Yes, many of our long-term rental properties come fully furnished to provide a hassle-free living experience.

Common requirements include a rental application form filled by the clients, first month of rent, last month of rent and a security deposit month, this 3 months requirement by the owners are the proof of financial stability .

The inclusion of utilities can vary depending on the specific property. Some rentals may include basic utilities, while others may require tenants to pay separately.

Long-term rentals often include access to amenities like swimming pools, gyms, parking spaces, or 24/7 security, depending on the property.

Our pet policy may vary depending on the property. Some rentals may allow pets, while others may have specific restrictions.

You would need to provide advance notice as specified in the lease agreement, and the property must be returned in good condition.

bsolutely! We encourage you to schedule viewings so you can get a better sense of the properties we offer.

At “Rentals in Vallarta,” we take pride in our wide selection of high-quality properties, excellent customer service, and personalized approach to match you with your ideal long-term rental in Puerto Vallarta. Also if we dont have the property you´re looking, most likely we can get it for you.

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